Before joining the tech industry, I was jobless nearly homeless, and down to my last $70 while I was living in a moldy storage room in a mobile home in a trailer park in North Platte, Nebraska.

After finding my way to South America where I trekked the Peruvian Andes and High Jungle, I began self-teaching myself to code. My life has irreversibly been altered for the better because of that decision.

I have been a keynote speaker at major events, won awards at startup accelerators, built websites for major and minor companies, taught dozens of people to code, been offered thousands of dollars to move to new cities, and made friends from all over the world as I have adopted the life of a world traveler.

Now, I share my story and experience with all who will listen.

I Am a Decision




What THE Hell!?

Sorry for the long delay since my last post, I hightailed it out of Guadalajara because I had a “problem” with my host family. On my final day in GDL, after everything seemed to be Read more…


Don’t Eat The Lettuce!

Despite my (almost) constant vigilence to be conscious of what foods and beverages I was ingesting, I “accidentally” ate some lettuce at a restaurant in Chapala over the weekend. Yesterday (Monday) was absolutely terrible. I Read more…

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I'm always on the go these days, so you'll have to contact me to find out where I'm at and what I'm up to now.

Where is David Now?

In Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico starting a traveling code camp.

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