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What an interesting day. I got to enterprise to rent my car. I’ve never rented a car before.

So, I hand them my Debit Card…apparently that is an extra hassle the incurs a deposit and they need extra proof with a debit card.

So, I got out my handy dandy Discover It Secured card…yeah, I can’t get a legit credit card yet because when I was down to my last $70, I had to let a credit card go delinquent.

She slides the card, I sign, and we go outside to me cheap $25 rental for the day. She shows me around the car and I point out some nicks and dings, she said that those are okay, the damage needs to be bigger than a dollar bill.

I get in…and she goes inside. I get a notification on my phone that my card was declined just as I put the car in drive. I’m already pushing being late for my interview…so, I just take off and I’ll deal with it later.

Now I feel horrible because I hate feeling like I’ve wronged someone, but I can’t miss this interview. I just can’t.

I get to my interview about 10 minutes early, and I go use the restroom and talk myself up and get into a power pose to get my brain physiology flowing with good vibes.

I walk into the room proudly, confidently, and tell the receptionist who I am here to see. We small talk a bit, and I quickly transition to exciting conversation, like my trip to Peru…and she just went to Peru too!

So cool!

Then, the recruiter comes out and greets me. I shake his hand and he informs me who I will be interview with today.

I’m pretty confident at this point, so I walk in like…

Vince McMahon walking out from backstage swinging his arms and taking up a bunch of space

…and nobody is there.

I wait for about five minutes and the Senior Project Manager comes in and greets me. He discusses my credentials, and what I’m capable of doing as a web developer. He then shows me the intranet site and how…bad it is.

It looks like a early 2000’s website, and it’s broken.

So, he said, “We need someone that can fix that. We just can’t have this anymore.”

So, I ask if I can use the keyboard, and I simply go to developer tools and find a few errors and change them right there in the DOM. Then, there are few things I can’t fix because it would take a lot more than that.

I explain myself, and I clarify that what I just did didn’t actually fix the site, because the developer tools only allows me to alter the site as it was downloaded to this specific computer, but I’m certain I could fix this issues. He asked me a few more questions revolving around my work history, and asked to see my portfolio site. Then, we just talked about hobbies and stuff.

It took about 45 minutes, and I felt like I accomplished everything he asked, but he said, “Well, I let Liz know. We have a couple more people to interview, and we don’t plan to make a decision until after Thanksgiving. We are only looking for a part-timer right now, is that going to be alright?”

I’m sitting there thinking that I couldn’t possibly be able to move to Omaha on part-time pay, and I couldn’t afford to trust my car to commute from Lincoln and back every day, but I respond, “That should be doable. It depends on how my other interviews go.”

Hint: my only other interviews are mock interviews, but I didn’t know what else to say.

So, I’ll find out how it actually went next week.

I get back to Lincoln and join my classmates, and share how the interview went. I discuss the questions that were asked, and my responses. My goal is to share my experience with them so they can be well-prepared when they have their interview. It was really valuable…or at least I think they thought it was valuable.

Then, I went to take my car back to Enterprise. I get in there, immediately greet them and say, “Sorry, it appears my card was declined.”

Enterprise Lady: “That’s no problem sir, I don’t know what happened either, because if a card is declined we get the notice right away and it doesn’t let you sign or anything. But, we knew you were returning the car today, so we didn’t think too much of it.”

Phew! I wasn’t arrested or beaten! (I didn’t seriously think that would happen, but I felt pretty terrible about taking off for the interview as I got the notification that my card was declined).

So, they took my debit card, I paid, and went on my merry little way as the existential dread set in that I may be working at a restaurant for a while as I improve my coding skills.