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Oh. My. Science!

I just got approved to learn to code websites with funding from the Nebraska Department of Labor thanks to something called the TechHire Initiative and the Connect Grant that President Obama supported.

This is amazing. Just a couple days ago I posted about this opportunity to Reddit and my post made it to the front page!

Holy smurf things are happening fast.

I can’t believe it. Seriously, I’ve been saving up my money and waiting for an opportunity to rock and roll, and I might have it.

Now, from the code school’s website, it appears that I have to pass some test. So, I am starting to learn on my own now on Code Academy. In addition, there seems to be an application process too.

I can’t believe it…okay, I’m talking in circles now. So, I’m off to figure out how to make this all work out. I need to find someone that will allow me to move into their place for cheap or for free. I have a lot to plan for and little time to do it.

It’s only been eight days, but the Shanghai job has not contacted me yet. I may have a better option: Learning to code websites!