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What a day.

On my flight from Houston to Mexico City I met a US Citizen that has become a permanent resident of Mexico. His name is Gerald, and he has lived in Mexico for the past 10 years.

On the flight, he told me about his story, which was fascinating. He is next door neighbors to a prominent drug lord down here…yeah…uh…

Basically he told me to respect them and their business, and don’t get involved in any way, and they will be friendly people. They have been to each others houses, and even split the costs of a road in their small town where they leave.

Very interesting conversation, to say the least.

Mexico City Flight

After arriving in Mexico City, Gerald and I grab some dinner and continue our conversation. He and I are getting along really well so he gives me his address. He doesn’t have a phone or internet down here, so the only way to get ahold of him is to go knock on his door. Considering he lives a few hours away, it will probably be a long time before I meet up with him again, but he was a very genuine guy.

We part ways, and I go through the arduous task of locating my terminal for my connecting flight to Guadalajara.

After walking around aimlessly for 30 minutes while asking people where to get and getting mixed results, I finally locate my gate and take a big sigh of relief.

There I am, just sitting in my chair, when the announcer lady starts talking in Spanish through the intercom.

Everyone gets up and starts rushing, many of them look panicked. My mind is racing…and I’m thinking, “What the hell is going on.”

I sit and watch while everyone, literally everyone, gets up and starts dashing the opposite direction I came from.

So, stand up and start to grab my belongings when the announce the English translation. My gate has moved and my plane is late. So, I take about five steps when I look up about 30 feet and I see someone in trouble.

There is a young woman, my guess is around age 22 struggling with what appears to be a very heavy, albeit normal size, carryon bag. She is struggling mightily.

I initially hesitate to ask if I could carry it for her because 1) I don’t want to be a weirdo by asking a stranger if I can carry their belongings and 2) I don’t know how to ask in Spanish.

Then she drops it and attempts to pull it from behind her, so I’m like “Hola, no hablo Espanol, pero tengo uno mano,” as I point to her bag then my hand.

She smiles and says, “That was good.”

She speaks English, but not super fluently…considering my Spanish speaking “skills” are crap, I am thrilled to talk English to her and help her with some words. So, I carry her bag for her and learn she’s a university student in Guadalajara coming back from a trip to Las Angeles to visit family. We get to our new terminal that felt like it was a half mile away because I’m carrying 50lbs in three bags, when she reaches in her back pocket and suddenly she has a look of despair.

“I LEFT MY TICKET!” Then she looks at her bag, and back up to me, and I can tell she just realized she’s not going to be able to run back and get her belongings while carrying a bag she can barely lift, and she’s about to leave her belongings with some strange guy she met minutes ago.

So, she asks me to stay with her bag, she runs off to get her boarding pass.

Now, I’m standing there with three bags and my pillow for what felt like an hour because I’m standing there with some stranger’s belongings in Mexico City, and the guy behind me drops his soda bottle and it gets all over my leg and he says something in Spanish…and the only thing I know to say is “de nada” which i thought meant “its nothing” but later found out it means you’re welcome. Now I have soda in my shoe and on my leg, and I just said you’re welcome to him after he spilt soda on me.

So, now I stand there with my soda shoe, and she still isn’t back yet and I’m getting nervous because the announcer is saying words I dont understand and I’m just watching people get up heading into the plane.

Suddenly, as I gaze back, a noticable face is revealed from the crowd behind me. Stranger girl returns! And she has her ticket and passport! I welcome her back, give her her bag, check my own boarding pass, and it turns out we’re on the same row of our flight. She is struggling to breathe because not only did she just run to get her passport and back, but she says she has asthma, and we’re in the mountains of Mexico City.

So, like a genius, I use my pillow as a fan to cool her off. She laughs, I laugh, everyone had a good time, except my soda shoe.

And that’s how I made my first new friend in Guadalajara.

I walk with her to get her other bag that she checked in, and meet her mother. Then I take off probably to never see her again.

I found my taxi from the Airport to the house, which was about a 40-minute drive, and here I am…ready for a nap.

I didn’t want to be rude, so I interacted with the host family. There is a grandma, a mom, two kids that appear to be in high school, and two little dogs that very much question why I am there and keep barking at me. Well, one does. The other was submissive after smelling me.

The other one is being a crankapotomus, super cranky, but that’s all good.

After about 15 minutes talking with them, I tell them how tired I am the grandma shows me my room.

It is very small, it looks like I won’t fit on the bed. However, I”m only paying $390 USD and she cooks three meals a day for me, except for Sunday.

So…today was a damn good day as I took each task step by step.