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Sabastian and I have been brainstorming business ideas. I want to teach. I loved tutoring before, and I was going to get my Masters so I could eventually teach psychology, but I just couldn’t afford school any more.

Well, I was talking to Sabastian about what I needed when I was learning to code; I want to be the kind of teacher that I wish I had on day one.

So, he and I are going to try to start a company that brings people from out of town, give them a place to sleep, and we are going to teach them to code from scratch.

Now, I’m pretty good at simple stuff with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and a bit of jQuery, but I’m prepared to keep learning to be the best damn teacher I can be.

I love the idea because it’s everything I needed when I was trying to move to Lincoln or Omaha to learn to code. I needed a place to live, and I needed excellent teachers to help me get there.

I’m not sure how it will work out yet, but Sabastian has a passion of helping the lower income families in Omaha, and considering I came from that low income background, I share his passion.

Hopefully we can make something happen.