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An exciting night ended badly. Interface, the code school I am learning at, set up a career fair and I got to interact with about a dozen businesses. I’m definitely seeing that learning a programming language is an absolute necessity. So, I’m going to start picking up PHP.

I’m choosing PHP because the company that is working with us on giving us real projects use a lot of WordPress which is built in PHP. So, I figured if I understand that more it would give me a chance to potentially work for that company.

Anyway, I discussed job opportunities with a lot of startup companies in town, and a few major corporations.

It was a great meet and greet and get my name out there to these companies. Really valuable.

At this point I’m feeling pretty good, but fully aware that I am running out of money. So, I needed several things to go right…and on my way home from that career fair in Omaha my car broke down.


Why? Right when I have some potential opportunities in Omaha? Everything has been going so well the last few weeks.

My instructor started showing us more code on the screen, I’m supplementing it with YouTube Videos, and now I’m meeting hiring managers and decision makers. Then, my car breaks down and is smoking.

I just hope it is a small repair, but the guy who is letting me stay in his basement said it sounds like it’s a timing chain issue. And if it is, it will around $1,500 to fix.

That would leave me with next to nothing financially.

My broken down what car on the side of the road with a steaming engine

I called the Nebraska State Patrol to see how long I have until it has to be moved, and they said I have 12 hours before it is towed.

What a night.

Note for state patrol saying to please not tow my car, I will get it in the morning