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As predicted, we didn’t make the semifinals, but I was okay with that. I contacted the lawyers I spoke with in Jackson, Mississippi, and they helped me understand intellectual property and separation agreements.

I wrote a preliminary separation agreement and sent it to one of them. She read through it, and provided feedback.

I fixed the errors, and forwarded it to The Startup Bus conductor. We got together after the finals, and Abby said this bombshell.

Abby: “Well, we know that you’re (pointing to me) the problem. Let’s be real, right?”

In my mind, I am preparing to lambaste her for being such a maniacal…but I pause, because I know that she is just being petty, and I am minutes away from never hearing from her again.

She got to keep her presentation and logo…that’s all she contributed to my startup, and I got to keep the domain, the name, the facebook page, twitter, the landing page, the traction, the signups, etc.

She wanted me to delete my own Facebook Page. Her argument was that because she told other people about it, I shouldn’t be able to keep those likes that she generated…how she gets the nerve to assert that all of those likes are hers, I don’t know.

This was getting extremely petty. Then, she had the audacity to talk about her equity stake in my startup. I said, “Well, it’s worth negative dollars right now, so I’m pretty confused. In addition, we are talking about a separation agreement, I don’t want you to be a part of my startup at all, and you’ve already said you don’t want to work with me. Thus, there is no equity agreement.”

This blew me away that she thought I was going to go try to make a business happen and she should get a percentage of the company for the rest of her life. I mean, wow.

We didn’t have a printer, but I had two of the mentors present to be witnesses to the agreement. So, if I ever need to defend myself against them or take them to court, I have witnesses.

I never would have expected to meet people like this during this trip, but it just goes to show that you should always be prepared for people like them.

It’s over; it’s done. I won’t have to interact with them ever again.

What a relief.