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I’m got on my first airplane ever! Okay, I lied. I have flown in a plane before. But, that time was in a single engine Super Otter when I went skydiving solo and exited the plane at 15,000 feet falling 130mph towards the earth.

I have never gone through customs, or had to take off shoes, or been told I can’t bring water…this was all very strange, but so cool too.

This was considerably different than hopping on a plane with a parachute strapped to my back. and…I was nervous.

Picture of David in Denver International Airport waiting for his flight

But, I got on my flight just fine.
View from my airplane seat on the tarmac seeing all the other planes lined up for boarding
Once I got to Atlanta, I had to run across the Airport to catch my flight. Screw you Atlanta! Haha.
I had less than 30 minutes to get to my connecting flight from Atlanta to Lima, Peru, but I made it. More nervousness set in when I realized I had such little time to run across the enormous Airport in Atlanta.
Map showing the flight path from Atlanta to Lima
On my flight I got to meet a really cool lady. She was born in Peru but immigrated to Australia where she became a nurse. It had been over 10 years since she last saw some of her family in Peru.
Woman on an airplane holding up her drink cup smiling

My plane flew over the Panama Canal! So Cool!
View of Panama City at night from an airplane
I didn’t sleep at all on the nearly 7 hour flight. There were so many cool things to see. I got to watch the sunset on the Airplane wing, see the curvature of the earth slowly turn to the black of the night sky, and eventually saw the first glimpses of Lima, Peru off in the distance.
 Picture of Lima Peru at night from the airplane. The darkness of the Pacific Ocean meets the bright city lights where 10 million people reside.

And finally arriving at my hostel in Lima for the night.

Selfie of David in the lobby of his hostel in Lima
Another shot:
Selfie of David with the hostel logo behind him
And the final shot of tonight. I can’t sleep, I’m amped up. This has be amazing. So far!
Image outside my hostel window with the streets of Lima below and the building across the street