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Despite my (almost) constant vigilence to be conscious of what foods and beverages I was ingesting, I “accidentally” ate some lettuce at a restaurant in Chapala over the weekend.

Yesterday (Monday) was absolutely terrible. I have experienced the wrath of Montezuma’s Revenge, and it was one of the worst experiences ever, but it also wasn’t as bad as I expected because it only lasted one day.

I won’t go into excruciating detail, but there was lots of bathroom trips, lots of fever, a small bout of vertigo which nearly caused me to vomit…and a lot of sleeping.

Luckily, it lasted all but one day.

That all happened yesterday, and now it’s Tuesday and I”m feeling considerably better.

Yesterday I couldn’t even shake my head yes or no otherwise I would be in pain and experience dizziness, I also walked down the stairs like I had been hit by an SUV while riding my bicycle (which I experience in 2013 while I worked at the University of Nebraska).

While it may sound strange, I would much prefer this to the illness I got just two weeks ago in New Orleans where I was bed ridden for three days and still sick for the next 10 days with a sore throat and consistent runny nose.

To be clear, I would rather get Montezuma’s Revenge for a day or two than deal with the sore throat, body aches, and congestion for 7+ days.

My host family doesn’t know exactly what it was that caused the illness, but I ate tuna tacos and lettuce on my weekend trip to Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest lake at 77 miles long and 13 miles wide.

It turns out that visitors are not supposed to eat vegetables or fruits unless they are cleaned with a bit of sanitizer. It takes about a year of living here before I won’t need to be so cautions.

My host family is guessing the restaurant I ate at did not clean the lettuce well and I got a bit of E. Coli or Salmonella poisoning.

When in Mexico…(I am right?)


Anyway…I’ve missed the last two days of class, and I spoke with my language school both days. It looks like they are allowing me to miss the rest of the week and I can start back up next Monday and still get three more weeks of instruction.

That is one hell of a deal. So, I’m going to skip out on language courses the next three days, and just relax. Or, if I feel up for it, I might go to the zoo here in Guadalajara just to see how it compares to the #1 Ranked Zoo and Aquarium in the World and World’s Largest Zoo: Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska (where I previously lived).

As for now, I’m exhausted and going back to bed.

Oh, and don’t eat the lettuce in Chapala!