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I am officially three weeks done, that is over 33% complete with this code camp, and I still have no idea what I am doing. I’ve completed the HTML & CSS on Code Academy, but code academy mostly tells you where to type code and when. It’s not possible to finish Code Academy and be able to start a webpage from scratch on your own. I assumed that would be the point here at this code camp.

Don’t get me wrong, Code Academy is great for terminology, but terrible at applying that terminology.

Three weeks in and I am so confused as to what I am even doing, and why we are not learning to code more.

I’m trying to space these elements and just don’t get it. It’s like one thing breaks another. I can’t even get the hyperlinks in the navigation to fit right.

Luckily, someone else in class is just as confused or more confused than I am. The other three in class have already taken a code camp here in Omaha. But they even mentioned that if they had never learned it they would be completely lost.

So, at the very least I feel good that 1) it’s not just me and 2) the others more knowledgeable in the group are borderline confused too.

Still, I was expecting something a bit different from a code camp.

The lady that is pretty lost is meeting up with me tomorrow at a coffee shop so we can try to piece together what to do going forward.

I’ve spent hours and hours the last three weeks trying to perform what should be very simple tasks, but it’s just not working.

I’m still determined to figure this out; I have to figure this out.