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I’m still struggling, so here is what I am going to do. I’m going to take copious notes during class then try to figure out what terms are most important by going to YouTube to study more. I’m learning that it’s a huge requirement to spend a lot of extra time finding tutorials online.

We went over Bootstrap this week and it makes it so much simpler to build a website, but it seems like this is something that people use to build a generic site. I’m not 100% sure yet because I was really hoping that someone would take me step-by-step, line-by-line how to code. And that hasn’t happened yet. I know how people learn because I studied cognition in college and even presented research findings at psychology conferences. I also know how I learn, and lecture style is not a great way to teach a skill. So, I’ve got to do what I know that I need to do to be successful.

I’ll use the lectures and head to youtube to find tutorials.

Regardless of my feelings, they are in the industry and they know what they are doing. But the teaching methods just aren’t working for me.

I left North Platte and that storage room and I have no intention to ever return. So, I’m in a position that I have to make the most of this.

Searching YouTube has been difficult because so many people either 1) suck at teaching or 2) are teaching to a much higher level crowd than where I am at.

So, finding YouTube videos that are useful is very difficult. But, 4 of the 9 weeks are over, and I have to make some massive progress fast because I am still lost.