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This week was tremendously better. Essentially what I have done is used YouTube mostly in my free time, and I have found a few good websites out there that have helped me learn to code from scratch. I’m finally actually learning how to code, but when you don’t even know where to start, it gets challenging.

Really, I was expecting this code school to start from the very beginning, but I think they might be looking for people that already have code skills because in week five, I , and the others, should be way further ahead than where we are in our learning curve.

However, it makes sense if I am just not the kind of student they typically take on.

What’s really cool is Shonna, the co-founder of this code school, gave us a project. We had to recode her website as much as we could.

It took me 7 hours and 4 minutes to code the home page from scratch. It isn’t responsive…because I don’t understand that yet. But, I can build a page from scratch in less than one work day…well, I guess I can’t because it’s not responsive.

But, I feel like I’m on the verge of a break through…I hope.