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I woke up feeling very tired. Man, I remember the days I could wake up and get moving like it was nothing. I got up and just got to work, planning for tomorrow and how it will all shake out. As I was planning, it suddenly occurred to me that Alan and I aren’t too different; fiscally, we want the same things. So, I ran down stairs to try to locate him.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone around.

So, I went out walking, as I love to do…and you can tell I was tired.

Selfie of David with street artwork of a black cat with it's tongue sticking out behind him

I walked around The Grove and found a few interesting pieces street art, and eventually found a convenience store where I could get some Amp Energy drinks. I was in need of a pick me up, and I just wasn’t in the mood for coffee.

After about an hour of walking around, I decided to find my way back to my Airbnb. I walk in hoping to see Alan and Janet…and they…were still gone.

So, I went back upstairs and drank my energy drink and got back to work.

A couple hours later, I hear the door open. I finished the part of my project I was working on, then go downstairs five minutes later and there is Janet and Alan! And they have a letter for me!

Note from Alan and Janet informing me they will be back  around 5pm and are interested in Vietnamese food for dinner.

I mentioned to them the night before that I we should get dinner one last time before I join the startup bus. They said they would see how the day went because their daughter and a “White Coat” event where the incoming freshmen get their white lab coats put on for their first day of Med School.

Later that evening, Alan, Janet, and their daughter and I went to get some Vietnamese food. It was hilarious listening to the back and forth between their family. Alan only shops at a single $ notification on Yelp, and this was a $$ designation…and it was in an allegedly unsafe area of town. So, the conversation went back and forth concerning why we shouldn’t go and why we should. They asked me, and I simply suggest we see what it is like when we get there, but I am totally for it because it is authentic Vietnamese food.

As we arrive, it is definitely in a “run down area of town” as Alan’s daughter put it. I said, “Nah, it’s an up and coming part of town,” which got a bit of a laugh.

We decided to try the place, and I’m glad we did. The portions we monstrous, and it was phenomenal. My one regret is that I didn’t take photos.

I need to get better at the photo taking thing.

During dinner, I was able to discuss with Alan how I think we are not too different in what we want to accomplish.

My goal is to move abroad and live the kind of travel life that I’ve always wanted, but always feared because I never thought I was capable. He wants to find a safe area of Mexico to move to, and enjoy high spending power.

So, I proposed my business idea.

I was recently the Lead Web Development Instructor at a code camp in Omaha called AIM Institute – Interface School.

I’ve been trying to secure a more stable teaching job with them, but nothing had materialized, which is why I left Omaha behind. Thus, my proposal to Alan is to start our own code camp in Mexico.

He was initially skeptical of the idea, then after I overcame several of his questions, he became more welcoming to my business pursuits.

His daughter and wife were less intrigued, but this is another chance to make the most of my situation.

“Well, give me jingle when you’re done with this bus thing, and we’ll see if you’re still interested.”

Will do, Alan. Will do.