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Today was my last workshop teaching the 14-hour Intro to Web Development with Interface. I said goodbye to a group of students that I really appreciated.

I see a little bit of my past self in each student I teach, and I can’t help but want to encourage them to keep learning tech because of what it has done for me.

My group finished our last fully functional website, and we added some jQuery to their beginner skillset.

I taught from 9am-1pm and talked with a bright student named Michael for 15 minutes afterwards. I hope to see him on my LinkedIn profile doing well for himself. He deserves the very best.

Then, my friend Mitch drove me to the Airport, and I hopped on my flight in Omaha to St. Louis. Here I am just in front of my terminal.

David in front of a shop at Omaha's Epply Airfield with a sign behind him that says welcome to Omaha

And walking through my terminal.

David inside the terminal walking to his plane

I was sooooo hungry. I still hadn’t eaten anything yet.

Along the way there was a cool little wind farm down below in Iowa; why Nebraska doesn’t do this, I will never know.

View from my plane window overlooking a windmill farm below

When I landed in St. Louis, I used Uber for the very first time! Here was my very first Uber driver ever!

David getting a selfie with his first uber driver

Then, I walked into my first Airbnb…and was immediately greeted to a gentleman named Alan and his wife Janet.

After interacting with them, I realized how comfortable this was meeting people traveling around.

Alan is a retired Air Force Reconnaissance guy. He currently lives in Florida, but is here in St. Louis visiting his daughter he starts her first semester of Med School at St. Louis University.

Alan and Janet we excellent to me. Alan dropped his wife off at an event, and he took me around the city and showed me various sites. It was impromptu, and completely welcomed. We both discussed our love of Mediterranean Food and how badly he wanted to go this little place not too far away. I agreed to go there, because I love Mediterranean food…and I still hadn’t eat yet despite it being 6pm at this point.

While awaiting our dinner at The Vine, Alan reveals his desire to move to Mexico to allow his money to go a little bit further in a low cost of living area.

I told him I know exactly how he feels, because I am planning on moving to Nicaragua after the Startup Bus to start a company on the road.

He was encouraging, even envious, that I was willing to take the risks I am taking simply to see how it all plays out. I don’t have an overall plan really. I just know that whatever comes my way, I have the courage and the intelligence to overcome the obstacles I will face.

One way or another, I will become what I deserve.

I was tired yet enthralled with my conversation with Alan during the rest of today, so I didn’t take photos. But boy, today was a damn good day.