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This was remarkable, I was nervous to begin with, but my story resonates with people. It gives them hope, and it makes me remember why I am here; why I chose to teach.

I just got done teaching a group of five students, and one of the was AIM Careerlink’s President and CEO…I had no idea. She told me afterwards how excellent I was as a teaching, and how perfect of a fit I was in this new role.

This was a tremendously encouraging.

I brought them from very beginners, to being able to code their very own website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and jQuery, just so they could see some actual programming.

In 14 hours, I took the step-by-step, line-by-line, and made connections with their current understanding of the world, and the weird world of web languages.

I freaking nailed it! And I am so very happy right now.

David with his first five workshop students