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After my nap, I was still tired. This altitude is rough, but it was time to go out and see the city.

I stayed a little ways away from the Plaza de Armas. I was close to the Plaza de San Francisco at a hotel called Andean Wings.

It is fantastic. The lobby is beautiful and I wanted to just sit in there for hours, but there was too much to see and too little time to do it. So, off I went. One last shot of my hotel lobby.

Tropical plants in the lobby of Andean Wings in Cusco, Peru

I was starving at this point so I got some food at my hotel because they accepted USD and I haven’t had a chance to go exchange for Peruvian Soles yet. I got a simple meal…because I understood what Pollo y Quinoa was, oh, and I ordered a Pisco Sour, the national drink of Peru.

Plate of chicken, quinoa, and Peruvian vegetables

And they gave me a complimentary Cheesecake…my favorite kind of cake!



Peruvian cheesecake

And the Pisco Sour – Peru’s National Drink (or so they said).

David drinking Pisco Sour

It was so wonderfully tasty. It’s made with egg white, which is irregular, but it was great tasting, and I’m totally going to have another before I leave the country.

By this point, it was getting dark outside, so I just stuck around the tourists areas.

Selfie of David with the light fountain at the Plaza de San Francisco in Cusco, Peru in the background

La Catedral in the Plaza de Armos – Cusco, Peru.

La Catedral lit up at night. A massive building made centuries ago by the Spaniards.

It gets cold at night, so I bought a hand sewn Alpaca Wool Beanie from a street vendor. It costed me 5 Peruvian Soles (about $1.70 USD). It wasn’t until I took the selfie that I realized I was walking around with it on backwards…hence the look on my face.

Selfie of David behind an Spanish wall built centuries ago. He's wearing a beanie he just purchased from a street vendor in Cusco, Peru

I walked around a bit more and found some really cool sites to check out tomorrow. But night shots are so cool too.



Selfie of David in the middle of the plaza de armas in Cusco, Peru

And here is just a random side street with the old Inca rocks and newish Spanish buildings.

Alley way in Cusco, Peru

And then I went back to my hotel for the night. It looks moderately unnappealing from the outside, but, as you can see from the other photos, the inside is just spectacular.

Andean Wings hotel fro the outside. Just a plain looking building, with a massive solid wood door.