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I moved into a room in Sabastian’s Startup Mansion (to be clear, it’s not really a mansion, but it’s good advertising to say it is). Everyone here is a college student or a startup, so…I’m not sure what my startup is yet but there is some real opportunity here. We have weekly events, and tasks that each of us has to complete in order to stay here.

Right now, I’m temporarily staying in one of the $600 per month rooms because the guy who is in the $300 room in the basement hasn’t moved his stuff out yet. So, Sabastian is letting me just sleep here for now without paying extra.

He’s a really likable guy. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to interact with him more going forward.

He’s getting pizza tonight as a welcoming gift and a meet and greet. So, I’ll get a chance to meet the others.

It’s an old frat house. There are 17 bedrooms total, a communal kitchen area, and a conference room. Some rooms are really nice, the room I am going to moving into is pretty dark, cold, their is a draft, and…I want to be clear, I am not complaining, I’m only being objective. I am stoked to have a place to stay in Omaha for $300 a month.

People from all over the world live here. There is Q from China/Boston, Bhavesh from Pakistan, Assem from Egypt, Corbin from New Jersey, and then a bunch of other people from mostly the midwest I think. It seems like a really cool place; even better that there are so many people here to welcome me, and it’s only $300 bucks per month!