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Hola, amigos. After some awkward experiences on day of the dead, and some thoughts about why I am not traveling more, I have decided to go on an adventure.

I’m feeling good; better than I have in years. The bloodletting in Mexico has helped my pain tremendously. The discomfort is still there, but I’ve been told that my only real “cure” is to perform bloodletting every two months.

Anyway, my trip will start here at Lake Chapala in a couple hours and end in the south of Nicaragua.

I’ve said goodbye to my new friends, packed my few belongings, and I’m hitting the road.

I have just three “rules” for my trip:

  • I can’t stay in the same city more than 2 nights
  • I have to visit each country between Mexico and Nicaragua
  • I must cross 1 border by foot, 1 by boat, and 1 by bus; and I have to travel at least once by plane.

I don’t have an exact route. I do know that today I will find my way to the highly commercialized Cancun, Mexico via plane from Guadalajara, then start heading south from there until I eventually get to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

I’m nervous, excited, and, mostly, unprepared. I made this decision on Tuesday and now it’s Saturday. So, between saying goodbyes, sharing experiences and stories with other travelers, and getting my two bags packed, I haven’t had much time to prepare the trip.

I will largely be relying on my new Spanish speaking skills…and they are very new, and poor. I can understand about every 8-10 spoken words. So…yeah.

I’m fortunate to have had these experiences; they are continuing to reshape my world view. Most notably, I’m realizing more and more that we are all the same, regardless of nationality.

We all want an education, good health, and to make meaningful connections; alternatively, nobody dreams to be uneducated, in poor health, and alone without purpose.

I’m leaving behind great friendships, but I’m about to encounter many more.

This morning while I was drinking coffee, the owners of the hotel I’m staying at came and said farewell and wished me good luck on my trip.

Another friend was befuddled why I’d ever want to leave Lake Chapala; it’s so fun to see that even natives here find travel obscure; then again, there are also those that long to engage in a voyage such as mine.

Indeed, people are people; but a person, is a person. Friends and coworkers of my past ran the gamit from questioning my travel decisions to wishing they could go with me; it’s similar here, and it will likely be the same everywhere else.

It’s strange how little of the world we will ever get to witness. All the interactions that will never be had; all the foods that will never be tasted; all the experiences that will only be a perception in our mind or viewed on the TV screen on a travel show.

I want to see the world for no other reason than to see it. We only get one life, one chance to develop our own value structures.

Realistically speaking, this trip is largely inconsequential. It’s unlikely that this will alter anyone’s reality but my own; and that’s cool with me.

With two backpacks and a heavy heart, I head out of another town I will likely never visit again.

Just yesterday I was sitting at the carratera on another beautiful 75 degree day. I looked out several blocks away to see the tropical mountains that rise over the town. Suddenly, I had wonderful visions of my first trip abroad to Peru where I was sitting in the Plaza de Armas in Cusco on my last night. I saw the mud houses with their lights flickering in the distance on the Peruvian Andes as a wave of realization struck me: this is the last time I will ever witness these mountains, these people, these smells, these cobble stone streets. Peru is drastically different than what I’ve seen in Mexico, but that was a welcomed vision.

It’s interesting how the mind operates.

It’s a spectacular feeling to have experienced this even for such a short time.

I’m off to the beaches of Cancun, and a few short days I will be making my way through some currently unknown town with currently unknown people experiencing currently unkown sights.

Adios, soy un decisión.