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What a day this was. I got to hand out new MacBook Airs to high school kids in my code camp. Best part? Definitely seeing their faces when I told them they get to keep the computers!

two high schools girls looking at their new computers I just handed to them

I wasn’t prepared for all of this, but the main TV station in Omaha was there! WOWT Channel 6 News interviewed me, and I just simply wasn’t ready for them to interview me. But, I think I did okay considering it has been over a decade since I last talked on camera. You can read about the code camp here.

This is my passion right here; I love teaching, and I love to code.

I took this job so I could be the teacher that I wish I had when I was first getting started. Now, here I am doing exactly what I have always wanted to do: teach people things I am passionate about.

Two years ago, I was jobless, down to my last $70, and living in a storage room in a mobile home trailer park. Today was my first day working in my passion.

David in front of his code bootcamp class teaching web development

And the camera guy was right up in my grill too…

Students in the front of the image and me in the back at my computer with a news crew camera guy right in my face as I am teaching

Today was a really lean day.

I passed out their laptops, we laid out expectations (which I allowed each student to set 1 expectation), and I introduced myself further, and they introduced themselves further.

I also went over very basic web development terminology, and showed them what is possible with some code as I coded some cool things from scratch in just five minutes.

This is going to be awesome!