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Hole. E. Smurf. I got in! Un-flipping believable. It’s happening! I’m finally getting out of this damn storage room!

I literally started crying after I was accepted.

I found an old co-worker that is willing to let me move into his unfinished basement with no heat, but that won’t be a problem until the winter…and it’s better than my car!

It’s finally happening!

Then within minutes my excitement was dashed when my best friend from high school informed me that his father just passed away.

I knew that man since I was in 3rd grade. I used to go over their house and he’d give me spicy salsa every time. His son didn’t care for spicy food and neither did his wife, so we kinda connected with the spicy food.

As sad as this is, it just further drives home the point I’ve had in my mind that I can’t sit around waiting for things to happen for me. I need to make things happen on my own and take advantage of the opportunities that lay before me.

He worked his butt off his whole life and the year he retires I gets colon cancer and is gone. So sad.

Roger, you will be missed; but I’ll use you as a warning sign, I’ve gotta find a way to enjoy life and enjoy work otherwise my life is going to pass me by.

We are all nothing more than clicking clocks and our time will eventually run out.

I’m taking this opportunity and running with it; and rest in peace, Roger.