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I just can’t help myself think of the old adage: “Grow where you are planted.”

I am barely meeting quotas now at my job. It’s growing tougher and tougher to maintain motivation, and I’m feeling sick again. The mold and cat piss and crap from 25 year old carpet is really getting to me. I am back to needing naps during my lunch break just to make it through the day, but I still love doing a good job. I love helping people, even the ones that seem to hate that they are buying something. I continue to take co-workers shifts or switch shifts that make my schedule worse because, really, I’m not doing anything but saving money.

I’ve fallen back into “just be a good worker” mentality. Which is important, and it’s who I am to be a great employee, and more importantly a great teammate and co-worker. But I’m pushing myself further.

I have sold the things I have of value on craigslist or ebay.

I have consolidated my belongings down to what would fit in my four door sedan so I can move in just about one hour.

The only thing of value I had was an old XBox 360 that I played one time. I bought it because there was a friend I used to have that played it a lot, and I got tired of just going to his place to watch him play games, so I was going to play with him…but never it.

Well, I sold it for $75. Then I sold seven watches on eBay for a total of $541.

That’s $616 I have now and that stuff I sold was just sitting around.

Today was a really good day. I’m taking the necessary steps to get out of this situation.

Because I am a decision.