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I feel like I have set myself up for failure. I’ve already booked the trip, my hostel in Lima, my pace in Cusco, the trek itself, return flight, all of it.

But, I now have less than $500 to my name.

I’m thinking of returning/canceling what I can, but the biggest expenses of the trip ($700 plane ticket and $250 trek) have already been paid and can’t be returned.

If I cancel the rest, I could save on the hostels and hotels, I would’n’t have to pay for the second half of the trek (you pay 50% up front then 50% the day before the trek), then of course food and whatever else along the way.

Plus, what if something bad happens? What if I get injured on the trek in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language?

What if I get robbed and lose my passport. Then I won’t be able to find a place to stay because I won’t have any money.

I understand what is going on. It’s psychology. The further away in time an event is, the more confidence we have that we can accomplish that goal. As the event gets closer, our confidence decreases.

But still, just looking at this from a pure financial perspective, this is a dumb decision.

Now, I have to make some tough choices.