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I’m nervous, I’m excited, and ready to kick into a new gear. I have no idea who I will meet, what I will experience, and how it will all play out.

Letting go of the concept that I can control things is hard; I spent my past 30 years on this planet over analyzing things to the point I failed to execute on any of my dreams and goals.

That person is gone. As of today, he no longer exists.

Instead, I’m transitioning into a man that makes things happen because I demand a better life for myself.

It all starts with me.

Hitting the road for a trip out of the country is such a different feeling. I’ve traveled the same roads countless times, but this time feels different. It is different. Childhood dream meets adult reality. One night in Denver tonight, then I’ll be in Peru tomorrow.

I’m only bringing the following items on my 14 day trip in Peru:

A backpack and a small bag sitting on a bed.