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I slept really well last night. My room and bed are both super comfortable. I’m glad I decided to splurge a bit and get a nicer room before my five day 50+ mile trek in the Andes and High Jungle.

Here’s how my day went.

Started with some Cocoa Tea and fresh fruit for breakfast. This was a lot more fresh fruit than I was expecting. It was great. I am used to the USA where they bring out a few grapes and a banana or something.

Fruit in a bowl and Coca Tea in a cup

Then I went to the Plaza de Armas to see how it looked during the day.

A massive church adjacent to La Caterdral in Cusco, Peru

Then, I went way outside the tourist area until I just could walk anymore. I love seeing the cities for what they are beyond the tourist areas.

Here is one of the streets that I walked. I didn’t have a destination in mind, I just started walking.

Cramped side street in cusco peru. A car can barely get through the street and people have to duck into doorways so they don't get hit by cars

Then I just kept going further out from the tourist areas.



Mud houses and other buildings on the outskirts of Cusco

And and just kept walking…

Roofs of houses and shops in Cusco Peru

At this point I was getting pretty tired. This altitude is tough. Good thing I’m going to be going even higher on my trek. Oof. So, I kept walking for another hour or so until I was near the outside of the city.

Selfie of David on the outskirts of Cusco with grass behind him and the city in the background

I finally stopped to get food, but was so tired I took terrible photos. I walked back a bit until I found a tax and paid 5 Soles to get back to the Plaza de Armas.

Then I exchanged some more USD for Peruvian Soles.

Different Peruvian Soles bills and coins.

And finally ended my night by checking in at the Salkantay Trekking Company, paid my other 50%, and met my trekking companions and the trek crew.

Selfie of David about to go into Salkantay Trek to meet the crew and his trek companions.

And, now I’m back at my hotel to get some rest for the night because I’ll be getting up at 3:30am to board a bus. That bus will take us until the pavement and dirt roads end, and the only way to get through the rugged Andes Mountains is via foot or helicopter from that point forward. Good night, my friends.

Hotel room with a chandelier and a great big bed