I barely got any sleep last night. I just couldn’t fall asleep. Here I am though, ready to make it to go from Sea Level to nearly 12,000 feet. Lima to Cusco.

Selfie of David with his head in front of a sloping ceiling just in front of the shower showing he cannot fit in the shower because he is too tall.

Tall guy problems.

Selfie of David with bags under his eyes like he didn't get much sleep

Random photos on my way to Lima’s international airport.

Man with a cart selling items on the streets of Lima


Standing on the tarmac taking a photo of everyone waiting to boarding the plane from the tarmac

Finally about to board the flight. It’s only Lima…on the tarmac…in 90 degrees and 90% humidity. It was hot like whoa!

Selfie of David in his sunglasses boarding his flight with an airplane in the background

The coast line of Lima, Peru from the Airplane

Andes mountains between Lima and Cusco from the sky

Andean Wings Hotel lobby in Cusco, Peru. Beautiful tropical plants, pebble floor, and skylight natural lighting overhead

Selfie of David with an enormous hotel room behind him

I am exhausted at this point. I’m at nearly 12,000 feet, and ready for a nap.

So tired, and so little time. But I am going to crash now.

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