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This was really cool. The code school helps us with practice interviews with real companies. October 10th was Columbus Day and I realized there was an opportunity for a practice interview in two days.

Well, the company that does the mock interview is closed, and so is the code school. I thought I was screwed.

Part of this “new me” concept is that I am going to make other people tell me “No” instead of me telling myself no.

So, on Columbus day I contacted Shonna to see if there was anyway she could get me a mock interview in two days. I took responsibility for giving her short notice.

Shonna came through and was able to secure that interview the following day.

Less than 24 hours before the mock interview she got it all set up and ready to go. Damn, I oh here big time. She’s been amazing; I just wish I were in Omaha where she lives so I could get more experience with her.

The next day, I went to the mock interview and apparently blew the recruiter away that I have only really been doing code for a few weeks.

So, that felt good.

He said that he does a lot of interviews, but he said that I need to stop back by when this code camp is over and talk to him.

This was incredible! I’m so glad I made the changes I did last week.

But really, the connections, employers, and cohorts are really the majors reasons to choose a code camp. There is a lot of self-learning, way more than I was expecting; but damn does this code camp have connections.

Now I have to get a portfolio site up and make it pop so I get noticed.