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I’m still sick…very sick. Luckily, I’m sleeping well but damn, I haven’t been sick in years.

The illness occurred probably due to a combination of lack of sleep, being on a bus in a confined area, talking with a dozens of people in just a few days, poor gas station diet, lack of water, and high stress.

My plan was to move to Nicaragua after the Startup Bus, but I met a gentleman in St. Louis that is moving to, or planning to move to, Ajijic, Mexico.

He and I discussed a business opportunity there. I want to keep teaching. I’ve always wanted to teach; I studied learning theory and cognition in college, and I have taught over a dozen workshops back in Omaha how to code.

Beginners with no coding experience came into my workshop, and by the time I as done with them they were coding fully functional responsive websites from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP.

It was awesome; it didn’t even feel like work…I want that feeling for the rest of my life if I can attain it.

I shared this passion with the gentleman that I met at an Airbnb in St. Louis. His name was Alan.

Well, as I was planning to purchase airline tickets to Nicaragua, I remembered I was going to contact Alan after the trip.

So, I reached out to him to let him know I was planning my trip to Nicaragua. Then I started thinking, “Why don’t I just go to Mexico?”

So, I decided to look at my options there. I planned to take a 4-week Spanish speaking immersion course in Nicaragua, so I started comparing prices between Guadalajara and several Nicaragua cities.

After some research, the plane tickets, lodging, and immersion camp were all cheaper by about $200 in Guadalajara. I’m strapped for cash currently, so I tell Alan I have a change of plans, I’m going to Guadalajara on August 13th with a 1-way ticket to hope to make things happen.

Little cash left, but I’ve got so much soul inside my bones.

gif from the movie 'Super Troopers' when a cop dressed up as a bandit is in the front seat of a car and yells to the passengers, "You boys like Mexico!?"