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I woke up this morning not feeling pain.

Oh, that’s not impressive? Is that normal for you? Well fan-freaking-tastic, now I can join the club. I have been waking up in pain since as long as I can remember. Since middle school at least.

Today was truly remarkable to wake up without pain, actually feeling refreshed, and I wasn’t burning hot.

I think my doctor down here in Mexico is on to something. Where the healthcare industry in the United States has failed me for years, the Mexican doctor has been a magician. Really, this feels like magic, even though it’s not.

My pain has been exacerbating over the last three or four weeks; hell, it’s been getting worse over the last four years in a precipitous decline only rivaled by the rise and fall of Sean Spicer’s tenure has the White House Press Secretary.

This is amazing.

Brain fog: gone.

Inability to focused: drastically reduced.

Shortness of breath: drastically reduced.

Pain: drastically reduced.

I am on cloud effen nine right now, and I can only hope that I will continue to get better with consistent bloodletting each week.

It sounds crazy, that I found my potential cure of pain by bloodletting in Mexico.

Color me shocked; and with less blood.