So, my good friend, Kristin, and I were just talking as we were straightening up some cases, and we were just discussing how we never expected to be in retail sales trying to make a living after we went and got bachelor degrees.

Apparently my manager overheard us, and didn’t like our conversation, because it was just him and I closing up the place and he just started saying how he gets so annoyed with people that just complain about every little thing and are never thankful for what they have.

Then, he said these words.

“Ya know what I say to those people? If you think you’re better then this, then go do something else.”

The context was clear. And he’s right. If I think I am better than this, then I should move on. The way the conversation went revolved around how good of a worker I am and how I could be a manager some day. That’s not me though.

So, I’m doing something else.

Today, I reached out to a school in China to see if they are hiring for the position they have listed as available.

I’m making a change today. It’s time to move on. Here is a screenshot of the email I sent:

Email message I sent asking about the hours and location of the teaching job in Shanghai

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