I’m not 100% sure I’m comfortable with a code camp still, but I feel like it is my quickest route to see if I like it. I went to an intro session that lasted about 45 minutes.

It’s nearly 2am now, and I am just getting back from my commute from Omaha…a 4-hour drive there, and a 4-hour drive back to North Platte.

The Co-Founder of the Code School is Shonna Dorsey and she led this intro session. She said that the average salary of people that graduate her code camp is about $50,000 per year. In the Omaha Area, the average household income is $48,000…and the most I have ever made in my life is $21,000 in one year. So…I’d gladly take that.

What really won me over was when Shonna said that she could provide us with instructors in the industry and she can make connections with employers, but she can’t do the work for us. If I am ready to work hard, then she said I can make in this industry.

Well, challenge accepted. Get me the great instruction and I’ll make things happen on my end! I hope I get accepted.

The program I applied for would give me the opportunity to work on real projects for a real company. So, cross your fingers that I get accepted.

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