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I have been pretty sick off and on for over three years. My health problems actually started way back in March of 2014 after I moved in with a new roommate who ended up causing a massive bug infestation due to his uncleanliness (i.e. the fact that he didn’t bathe, among other things).

This was the second time I have gone to the doctor in Mexico; the other time was because I got Montezuma’s Revenge.

The doctor was fantastic. He genuinely seemed to care about my condition, which I really don’t want to go into a whole lot of detail, but the end and short of it is that I get dizzy often, my muscles feel like they are made out of barbed wire with prickly sensations, my skin feels like it is always burning, I get forget to the point I will be mid-sentence and forget what I am talking about, and there is a lot more, but I’ll stop there.

I am just tired of feel like crap.

The doc gave me a prescription to go get a whole bunch of blood work done. So I am doing that first thing in the morning.

Looking forward to answers, but I am have no income right now and I am starting to run low on cash. So, I need things to happen fast here; I’m about to get desperate.