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Here I am just minding my own business when the owner of the hotel comes to my door and says I have a phone call.

Now, I’m pretty surprised because, well, nobody but the sex shop owner knows where I am staying.

My parents, my siblings, friends, nobody knows but him. Hell, I didn’t even tell the language school where I was going.

So, I look at him and ask who it is and he said Veronica something or other…I don’t know a Veronica at all. So, I answer the phone and nobody is there.

“Hello?”…(3 second pause)…”Hello, I can’t hear you.” (3-5 second pause)…”Hello?”

Then the line goes dead and starts beeping. In The States, we have a dial tone, this just did this double beep over and over.

I took the phone back to the host and said they hung up. Then, I asked again just to be sure, “They asked for me? David Dugger, right?”

He confirmed, I’m confused. And now I’m wondering what the hell all over again. Is my old host family out to get me?

Haha…but seriously…?