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Sorry for the long delay since my last post, I hightailed it out of Guadalajara because I had a “problem” with my host family.

On my final day in GDL, after everything seemed to be going well, the grandma came into my room as I was cleaning and packing up my things and went over to the crappy little desk chair.

She said, “David, what happened to this.”

I looked over and she was looking at her chair, and I asked what she meant.

She explained that it is broken, and I told her, “I know, it was broken when I got here.”

She got upset immediately and said, “No, no, no, you need to pay me.”

Me: “Lo siento, pero no rompĂ­ tu silla. Si no pago por tu silla.”

This clearly made things worse and she stormed out of the room. I immediately started thinking of all the potential bad things that could happen.

I mean, really, if she had a problem and thought I broke it, why did she wait until the very last day just as I was leaving to even say anything. I mean, the day before I had just written a great review for her for the school, and surely she is aware of that.

She went into my room every day when I was gone.

Anyway, I got nervous and told her to call the school. So, she did and I talked to an administrator. Unfortunately, the host family talked first, so I had to explain myself second.

I told her the exact story, when I arrived on day one I saw the chair was broken, but didn’t want to be that “picky American” so I just let it be.

Well, apparently that decision came back to bite me.

Always take photos right when you move in people! Hell, I take photos and/or video anytime I move into a new apartment or house. Well, I wasn’t even thinking about it this time.

After I told the administrator that I wasn’t at fault so I wasn’t going to pay for the chair, and that this has really left a bad impression on my final day. She said that she wanted to talk to the host family again.

There was a bit of an argument on the phone, and that was it for the phone call then she gave me a big glare and took two steps away.

I started walking upstairs when I heard her pick up the phone and start dialing a number. So, I hurried and packed up the last of my belongings by throwing everything together. I booked an Uber immediately because I was even afraid she was going to unplug the internet, gave her the keys, said thanks in a kind way and adios.

Wow! I would have never expected that to end the way it did.

Then, I find myself on an Uber to Ajijic thinking all is well.

Arrived in Ajijic

I’ve been trying to decided between Ajijic and Guadalajara for my code camp location, and I still hadn’t decided. My problem with Guadalajara is that it is so big and stressful (for new people). I personally love Guadalajara and I get to practice my Spanish every day. However, I don’t think it is a good place for a code camp for people from English speaking countries unless they already know Spanish.

Anyway, I arrived in Ajijic, which is a beautiful little town on Lake Chapala. There I am carrying two backpacks, and two shopping bags of new clothes because…well, I came with so little that I needed to buy some shirts.

Well, there was a misunderstanding. The hotel is booked and I told them I was going to be back this weekend. No biggie, I will just find another hotel. The next one I went to was booked and they said because of the festival in town, they think all the rooms in town are booked.

“No way,” I thought out loud.

So, I went back to the previous hotel to use their wifi, because I have terrible service down here (Yeah, Verizon, you’re international service was terrible in GDL and here in Ajijic). I jumped on Airbnb and rifled through dozens of rooms and everything sure enough was even booked on Airbnb.

So, I messaged a friend I met back in GDL and he said he knows a guy in town…that owns a sex store.

So, I immediately start thinking that there are only two types of people that own a sex store in Mexico.

  1. Very friendly, helpful people
  2. The opposite…and possibly worse

So, I walked on over and introduced myself and he was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

He has an adopted son here who is now 18 years old. Jeshua and I walked to at least seven hotels in the area that he personally knew either someone that worked there or his dad did.

Everywhere. Booked. “No way,” I thought out loud.

Sure enough, I was stranded in Ajijic.

So, I just go down the list of potential options and decided to head back to GDL. The dildo shop owner is also going back, so I wait for him and meet people coming in and out of the store.

Everyone was so friendly and very welcoming; mostly couples came into the store to purchase random things.

Then, I headed back to GDL and learned he is from Canada and found his way here because the cost of living got so high in his part of Canada that he just decided to move on down to Mexico.

Now, he has a very successful business and is very happy with his life. He has his own house in Ajijic, and rents an apartment in GDL now as well.

I slept on his couch the last two nights, and made my way back to Ajijic where I am typing this now.

One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of interesting tales here.

Now, it’s time to get to work and get this business started.